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Owners: Paul & Tammy Thacker

Perfect Choice Funding is an Asset Based Funding Service presently owned and operated by Paul and Tammy Thacker.
After several years of service as Real Estate Wholesalers, we understand one of the biggest issues in the wholesalers world is lack of funding.
Our mission is to provide adequate funding for wholesalers who desire to venture into the rehab world.
However, we do have an obligation to fund everyone who qualifies for private funding especially experienced rehabbers and other investors who are seeking to refinance or purchase in the US.
Our clients are our #1 priority and it's an honor to match or outperform any offer you receive. 
Let us be your #1 Lender.
We have more money than deals!
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Perfect Choice Funding, LLC
Coach Paul Thacker - Cell: 743.214.9147
Email: perfectchoicefunding@gmail.com 
P O Box Durham, NC 27715

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